Wow, Tamara!….

…I thought as I just finished reading Tamara Mellon’s book (early hours if the Morning!) Phew! What ride! Tamara, you know this will make a great movie right?!IMAG7249_1_1To find that whatever your status, “class”, wherever in the world you live, as human beings, you can face similar experiences!

A very stylish piece to be had on the book shelf!

Love Tracey I.


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Oh.My.Gosh! The Face!

IMAG7100Great TV just took place!….Ok according to my SKY+HD box….I didn’t realise I watching it back, so late!

I don’t know why Naomi left such a project soo long before venturing into it!

This week’s topic or reason to compete?IMAG7113IMAG7109

Team Caroline won again!IMAG7114….Naomi’s team fought again!….Naomi got angryIMAG7119…again…..and it alllll happened in style.

Tracey I.


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A Little Help From Dior

IMAG6998_1Designer fashion does help! Lol!……Well, they (the glasses of course), were designed too!

Migraines are back and I handled the blurr I faced that week with a little help from Dior.

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Swollen Style


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Blue Chic

IMAG6851_1IMAG6852_1_1Trying to make a painful hand Injury look chic.

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Flat Does It!

I could not believe I could get so happy about choosing to wear flats outside of needing to wear them due to my previous state of health!IMAG2888a IMAG2884a

Check out these flats that make a cute dress still look good!…Well, IMHO!IMAG2892a

IMAG2869aThank you NEXT!


Tracey I.


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Reflective Style

IMAG3200While searching (a week ago now), to watch the Mirrors video, for the uptine time, I came across the article that explained Justin’s recent loss. This is sad and I wish Justine strength and ability to heal. This does explain the names at the beginning of the video and the sombre and Deep, reflective last few minutes of the video……I did originally see it as a reflective insight of Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Beal. Either way, the last few minutes are my favourite.

Justin’s videos are about as anticipated as Michael Jackson’s were, for me….stories told beautifully, creatively, leaving a beautiful legacy trail….adding to the whole art of the music.

Justin used a similar imagery as Usher did in his “Numb” video where he dances amazingly….stunning moves in such a small space, while depicting a moment of reflection.IMAG3089IMAG3069IMAG2987IMAG2989IMAG3111IMAG3193

Justin exudes a more mature look which doesn’t age him, and a edgier presentation of steel cap shoes!


I love roll necks and they look hot on a male who knows how to wear them.IMAG3272IMAG3254

The mirrors plays on the title, the idea of a fairground attraction as shown earlier in the video then creatively shows the depths of that idea.IMAG3261IMAG3289

The ladies dressed doll like yet bodering on sexy, shoes that match tights….a theme seen more and more in daily fashion trends…..and moves that are doll meets body-popping like….all simply mesmerizing.


Tracey I.


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