High Fashion, High Style, Low Price Tag!

I am loving what designers have to offer on the high end of the market.  But fashion includes everyone and is influenced by everyone.  So here I give you the high end in a different setting and at a different price range.

Jeans and Green

Khaki Gold Trim Court Shoes to make you fit in well with the khaki tones yet luxurious fabrics this winter

 Skinny or Slim Leg Jeans to add a little “hotness” to the look.


October 23,2010 at 5:57pm

My H&M Ad!

I am absolutely loving the knit wear this Autumn and Winter (AW) season!  D&G have brought back a knit style I can remember as far back as when I was a a little girl! 

There are many inspirations in stores right now, so don’t miss out.  Especially H&M.  They have amazingly picked up on the catwalk fashion and produced so many “I can have it & I must have it!” pieces.  I actually stop to take in their ad’s.  Recently, My Tina (yes, she’s my adorable Tina), came in with a cape style knit wear (well really its a poncho) that I had to take a picture off.  So here’s my H&M ad:

Boots are by Ugg.

Fur it Up!

I have already mentioned…no showed, that I love fur!  So yes I am loving what Fendi, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and or course Chanel have to offer this season.  Can’t see yourself trying their luxurious styles?…Really?..Ok, then take a closer look at River Island.  They have the most tempting fur coats right now.  I sooooo wanted to buy one just because of how it felt!



November 4, 2010 at 10:57


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