Stylish Salsa

While not so well, I am watching and re-watching Streetdance 2….you just can’t beat SKY HD+…life is better in HD…believe me!…fashion…great style looks so much better in HD….and so does

IMAG2714Mick Viry…mm…mm…mm…

IMAG2693Erell Niane…mm…mm…mmm…,

IMAG2681Sofia Boutella, Maykel Fonts…mmmmm…,

IMAG2688Jennifer Silvas, Pablo Baez,

IMAG2709Spettacolo Chiquito and

IMAG2710Yunaisy Farray.

All made that film worth watching and put amazing flare causing unrelenting interest in Latin dance….I didn’t realize it could be that way!

I have loved and hoped to get involved in Latin dance for years….after seeing Streetdance2 I am thinking I’ve lost a lot of time to be able to do what those dancers have done!…..If that hasn’t made it more fashionable to do dance Latin then nothing else will!

Check out the hot Mick ViryIMAG2677 and IMAG2712his leg wear!IMAG2673… can dance in those?!IMAG2691IMAG2692…WOW

IMAG2715Maykel looks classic, well put together….though is it the clothes or just him!…Lol!

IMAG2746IMAG2748IMAG2742Pablo looks fiery in his close fitting shirt and jeans as he flings Jennifer all over.

IMAG2072IMAG2069Chiquito makes everyone elses Mohawk look boring and out dated and that was how long before every guy on the street was showing off with one!

IMAG2723IMAG2718Then there’s the countless ways Erell and the girls made shorts look like the ultimate piece…

IMAG2126females, you just need to get going with the crunches and your set for the summer….forget Spring, its already snowed and rained through all of it!!!

Love Tracey I.

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