Cole It A Little

Yesterday I caught sight of the new Cheryl Cole Video for her new single Call My Name single (out June which is too far away in my opinion).  I watched it 3 times!  I personally loved.  You were captivated from the begining  You may say no, who watched it, but you were intrigued…ok whats goner happen next?…..What?!…Way to a woman’s heart is through torture?…What?…  Mmmmm, What she wearing?  Where she going?  Is she looking for touble?…Someone?….This is a different setting for her video.  All these things have to have crossed your mind.  They all made you intrigued enough to watch.  Yes I know, for some of you it was the fact it was Cheryl!  What was needed was achieved and you watched like I did.

The power of art.

What drew you in?  Beauty?  Colour?  Hair styling?

The new tattoo? 








The crazy coloured shoes that were somehow so right?






The make-up? 




The beats? 




The dancing?

The power of art and the power that comes with styling it right.

Style – The way in which something is said, done, expressed or performed; the combination of distinctive features of literaryor artistic expression, execution or performance, characterizing a particular person, group, school or era.

Styling – To make consistent with rules of style.

The styling of everything was right and was a little different for Cheryl.  I’m not approving dressing in hot pants as she did, but the mix of the colours of the shoes and the jungle jacket worked well.  For everyday a gold toned linen skirt or trousers would fit well and your set for the nicer or hottter days.

The hair suited the emotions portrayed.

The moves were simple, easy for anyone to pick up and encourages movement which inturn gets you going and before you know it your enjoying what your hearing.

Art wise, mission accomplished IMHO.

IMHO, everyone needs to Cole it a little….I mean, cool it a little and let Miss Cole do her thang.

Tracey I.


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