Smile Fashion

I am trying to find my smile after being reminded of its benefits (see

It seems whenever anyone views my blog, they like I, am fasinated by a graceful beauty…yes Grace Kelly…and this…makes me smile.


Thank you.

Why not?!  She held her pose and grace through everything. Her beauty mesmerising, her style captivating.  🙂

The book I bought way back in December 2010 is called Remembering Grace.

Some things and people are remain timeless in the way they affect you. Grace Kelly is one of those people.  She has the ability to make you want to wear whatever she does from head to toe.  Which in this day and age makes great fashion, money and famous sense.

Kate Middleton (2010) and Ivanka Trump (2009) in their Grace Kelly styled Wedding Dresses.

Hedi Klum














January Jones

Tyra Banks





Kate Winslet






Penelope Cruz







Nicole Kidman



All showing of some Grace Style Hair Dos.



What about the make up look?  🙂





 The Award Worthy Dresses.






This ability to pull everyone from every generation to see and know everything about you.

Ohhh! Of course the appeal of every guy…even a Prince!






Yep! She makes Fashion be seen truly as an ART. Yep! Smile worthy.


Tracey I.


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