RLClick & Love

Was about to let go, rest from almost all night research and blogging…yes I know not the best when ill!  I just couldn’t help myself…I had to click a Ralph Lauren link!…I just had too!…it was calling!  My eyes lit up…for a moment…remember I am ill!

Uh!…Hahhhhhhh!…Beauuuuuuutiful!  Ralph Laurenesque Perfect Classic beauty!  🙂

Ahhhhhhhhh! Must have shade of blue! Masculine yet feminine!


Then I saaaaaaaawwwww thessssssse!  Mmmmmmmm!




Then I thought, it won’t hurt to check out the top ten quickly…Then I saw this!

You gotta have a biker jacket!  A must! I have!……………Ok, two!!!

Hot Blouse!

Need to have them…I do!..In sheer fabric which is quite still on trend, especially in pastels.  Team with the oh so in and chic chinos and peg leg trousers; add a a little smart cuteness to a jeans look.

Are you kidding?!…I have three…looking for more!

I have many, though I do tend to wear most on them in a retro manner, on my bags that look like the final in the Ralph Lauren Top Ten.

“I am constantly drawing inspiration from everything I see—the places I travel, the people I know and the movies I see.”

So you heard the man!…Be Inspired…Whatever you do!…Wherever you go…..and of course…do it all in style!…Urrrr, that’s my quote!!!

Tracey I.


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