Hot Stylish Dancer

As I’ve pointed out before dancing is (lost…cause I wish this were my profession) passion of mine (hence references to that dance competition…see earlier posts). I had to cover this Hot Stylish Dancer I am a secret fan off: Paula van Oppen.

I watched every E!Entertainment episode of The Dance Scene.

I was sad when it finished and found no second series was to follow anytime soon.

I wondered what Paula was doing now…or then. Then low and behold I see this new video (it was at the time,) from Nicole Scherzinger. There seemed to be this dancer that stood out with a hot body that could move.

I had to rewind…I knew that face…so I take my SKY control..rewind…play…rewind again…even slow mo those moves…yep…I’m convinced…its Paula! She changed her hair! Only someone that cute and hot could change her hair drastically and still look great! Damn girl!
Why does it work for her? Her face shape, her general stature. Of course, make-up, right clothing and accessories make a difference and add to this exquisite, sexier look. But ultimately Paula is gorgeous coupled with her face shape and struture this new look is a hit! Making her edgy and funky wardrobe work like treat.

Love, Love Love you Paula!

Tracey I.


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