Me Oh My, Naomi Oh My

On a pretty rough day for me, I settle home to some Michael Jackson: Jam, Why You Wanna Trip On Me and choose this as evening’s anthem for myself. Today, even in adulthood, I find people with all their own shortcomings still intend to focus, highlight and defile with their mouth and actions, someone else with all their might.

The CD moves to the third song In The Closet. I smile and reminisce. I loved this tune more than the others on the Dangerous album and I loved Naomi Campbell. When I was a teenager, big lips were not popular at all, well definitely not at my school! Someone decided to be kind and encouraging and pointed out Naomi Campbell an English up and coming Model who, being teased for her sizable lips when younger, was now being admired.

Then it made no impact.



Later it would prove inspiring.







My version of that saying?  What hurts you helps propel you to a place you do not recognise and makes you stronger because of it.

This face is just as beautiful and inspiring now as it was then.







Fashion, beauty, make-up carries a power with it.  Why? They are creative forces.  Together and on their own.  They are ART in themselves.  Don’t forget that.  So go do what you do creatively and live!  Don’t get bogged down by the haters!  Enjoy it!  They take you to a place you have not been and make you stronger.

Tracey I.


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