Whitney Style

I watched, by accident the BET Channel and kept watching and kept watching and kept watching.  They had captivated me with their 106 & Park: Remebering Whitney programme.  It was a real inspiration as they choose to focus on the music of Whitney Houston and what she meant, in a beautiful way, to her peers.

For me, Whitney Houston’s beauty and style mesmerised me as she sang, as well as her energy as she performed every stylish moment.

 In I’m Your Baby tonight Video, Whitney Houston shows is able to capture every fantasy in every type of style from every era, looking so different yet showing the same pose and vibrancy of Whitney.





































In Where Do Broken Hearts Go Video, Whitney Houston is still captivating in Outdoor Gear.  You want nto buy the hat, the coat, the earrings even the make-up!
















In So Emotional Video she fits so well into a simple pencil skirt or is it a dress?  With a perfect fitting Leather Jacket.  Her look is simple, hot and her performance?  Stylish, explosive and puts a simple look on the map.  Who wouldn’t want to look somple after that!













Even in her collaborations, her style stands out yet complements those she works with.










Whitney’s style, through and through is unique and unparalled.











Tracey I.


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