‘I don’t know…’

I went shopping on Saturday as a pleasurable distraction from personal pain.  As I tried on a pair of open toe platforms and checked out the usuals (:how it looks full on, from side, from back, covered with jeans/trousers, ankle exposed,  most of leg exposed), in the mirror another lady with a Scarlett Johansson shape in fact I believe she could of pulled of a Scarlett Johansson look, was tryin on the same shoe.  I couldn’t remain quiet: I think this shoe would look great on anyone but you are definitely rocking this shoe.  It works so well with your shape, sits well with the shape of your calves (she also was rocking a hot read nail colour).  But she had every excuse. 

I don’t know, I’m not sure about the heel, I could easily slip in a puddle of water in the pub.  I replied, your just looking for an excuse to not buy them.  I felt she was a dress person.  She could easily have rocked a that comes in at the waste with maybe a bit of gathers, I really think a soft pink (or peachy dress) would work with her right now like this recent Kim Kardashian look  

or Khloe’s look ( though short with a kind of volume hem finish), but took it easy by saying, I don’t know if your a dress person but you’d…she immediately jumped and agreed yes, while nodding and saying, I’m a dress person.  I as thinking of the new look from Dior, but with a more 40s finish with a small waist but tapers in to the knee  area. of course a skirt does that just as well. I contined you’d look good with those shoes with a skirt and I was going to suggest a chiffon blouse with volume sleeve of just a normal sleeve but tie at the neck. 

Why do women look for an excuse not to look great, not good, great?


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