Fashion Impact

I recently bought Vanity Fair after a very long time.  I love that magazine, but life gets in the way of you having your real loves in your life sometimes!  Anyway, I flipped through and came across

Natalie Massenet the founder of 

God bless the October issue of Vanity Fair. 

To be fair (lol) Tatler’s November issue also features Natalie Massenet as well. 

I thought she’s elegantly gorgeous and proved a wise fashion soul.  So I just had to include her on my blog.

It was in July that Natalie celebrated 10 years of, which has got to be such a satisfying feeling for her and her team.  I watched an interview of her with Imran Amed Editor of the amazingly informative and enjoyably readable Business Of  Natalie proved as inspiring as stressed over and over by her interviewer. I agree she is a pioneer.

I thought I should end with quotes from the Late Cosmetic Queen, Mary Kay:

’Dare to do mighty things.’

‘A determined person cannot be kept from success.’

‘Every person has the capacity for greatness.’

‘Your attitude determines your altitude.’

‘You can have more than you’ve got, you can become more than you are.’

Here’s to believing, (to words and fashion that make you smile while brokenhearted).


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2 Responses to Fashion Impact

  1. Janev says:

    “Here’s to believing, (to words and fashion that make you smile while brokenhearted).”
    I agree with that quote

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