Catch My Breath!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls I need to catch my breath!  Why?  I went shopping yesterday. (Shopping for me means shopping for what’s new and what’s hot in the shops and maybe sometimes actually buying!)  I shopped in Zara.  They have their new stock out and oh my goodness I want it all!  All of what the women’s section has to offer. 
Zara stores are known for turning around their stock often.  So once you see what you want, you need to and I stress, you need to get it.
Zara also relies on “word of mouth” advertising.  Believe me their clothes right now do not need advertising, go take a look, every item speaks for itself.  (Sorry, I…no definitely not sorry…I can’t tell you which Zara I visited…wouldn’t want you taking, what I saw first!). 
Take a look at my recent album to see my favourite new buys:

Faux Fur hooded Gilet £39.99
Perfect price for a one of a kind gilet.  I have looked hard and long for a gilet like this one. It goes with almost everything.  You can even wear it under your old coat, to update the look, just lift out the hood. 
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